Flow Wellness Retreat

12th to 18th July 2024 | Zanzibar Nungwi Resort

By Makan & Mnara


An Invitation to FLOW.. 

“Embody your own harmonic flow”

We invite you to us on a week journey of flow, to clear heal and activate your inner FLOW with a group of inspiring women in a luxury location in beautiful Zanzibar surrounded by mystical ambiance. Join us for a week in movement, breath and sound and allow yourself to let go, relax and experience a new adventure into your inner FLOW

An Invitation to Flow 

Women are the creators of life. We create, nurture, expand and celebrate life in our homes, our work, our relationships, our community and wherever we go! That’s our natural FLOW. However, this divine gift bears great responsibilities and endless expectations, some we imposed upon ourselves, and others are bestowed upon us by the world around us, leading us most time to disconnect from our bodies, who we truly are, and feminine energies, that lead us to live in a state of stress, anxiety, chase, and sometimes feeling lost.

To each their unique narrative, and for change to happen, it is necessary to take time for ourselves to intentionally disconnect from the outer world and its nuance, and connect to our natural feminine FLOW. That brings inner stability, confidence and imprint flow to life. 

We invite you to FLOW, a six-day journey to identify and unblock your unique flow and experience a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and stillness in the breathtaking island of Zanzibar, where nature is constantly reminding you to take a moment to remember what truly matters. FLOW allows you to center yourself, while enjoying the pearly sandy beach and tranquil waters, and lush green, and most importantly experience the generosity and hospitality of the Zanzibari folks. We will conclude our journey with a Garden Fire Ceremony, a first of its kind where we will have the traditional Garden Cress drink along with sacred chanting, sound healing and experience sisterhood sharing and reflections.

The FLOW Journey is designed to help you 

Unblock and clear your unique flow 

Release negative emotions & thoughts with breath

Tune into balance and stillness with various tools

Connect with nature and embody your flow

Activate your Harmonic sound 

What to expect … 

Cleanse and Clear
  • Mind-body opening and clearing through yoga, breathwork and movement meditation
  • Clear the mind from negative thoughts with transformative writing
  • Clear the heart from resentment through forgiveness practices 
  • You will be more energetically cleansed and open
  • Clear negative emotions trapped in organs through breath and meditation 
  • Learn more about your authentic self
  • Experience spiritual practices
  • Learn practical balancing techniques
  • Identify negative programming, thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your flow
  • Balance your energy centers and meridians 
  • Balance your thoughts and emotions
  • Align mind, heart and body intentions and flow
  • Have more clarity moving forward
  • Tune into your inner stillness
  • Practice gratitude to elevate your vibrations
  • Access your inner wisdom with silence practice
  • Experience a day of silence and free time to explore and play
  • Activate your Harmonic sound with chanting
  • Connect with the elements of Mother Earth with guided practices in nature
  • Activate your own unique vibrational flow
  • Immerse yourself in Zanzibar island beauty, heritage and hospitality, consciously 
  • Experience fire ceremony
  • Enjoy your stay in a luxurious location with full board meals

What is included … 

FLOW Journey [6 days program]

6 nights stay at luxurious location

Full Board [Breakfast, lunch, dinner]

Yoga mats, blankets and pillows

Airport Pick-up & Drop-off [On specific Days]

Bespoke Zanzibar experience.

Excursion experiences

Retreat practices booklet

FLOW some more … 

The retreat is intentionally designed to be an intimate and safe space for women to take a moment to rest and reset. Everything from the location, to the experiences, to the partners we work with are carefully curated to allow you to fully immerse yourself with the flow journey and the island. The FLOW Journey is divided into three stages to take you through an authentic journey to find your inner flow.

Stage 1 - Clearing & Cleansing mental & emotional blocks

We will start our journey with clearing and releasing what blocks our flow using various techniques from sound, breathwork and writing along with movement.

[Day 1, 2]

Stage 2  - Authentic Self, find your FLOW

In the second phase of our program we will focus on tools and techniques that will inspire and guide you to find your authentic flow.

[Day 3 - 4]

Stage 3  - Integrate and celebrate your FLOW

The final phase will allow you to integrate your flow, increase your energy level, and celebrate your journey. We will experience authentic expression, music and connect with Mother Earth.

[Day 5 - 6]

A glimpse of a FLOW Day 

 Every morning we will flow with Hatha Yoga to open up our bodies, activate our meridians, loosen up our tight fascia, learn how to listen and connect to our bodies with mindful Asanas.

 We will then breathe prana, life force to the new openings we created through movement. We will then channel this prana and focus it with our intention through morning meditations.

 The day will also include a daily spiritual discourse that will help us identify aspects of the false self, and weave our own way back into self-remembrance.

 We will then move into the theme of the day combined by chosen activity from a collection of excursions and bespoke experiences to savor the hospitality, heritage, and beauty of Zanzibar.

 The day will end with an optional Yin Yoga practice which will help us find our resting flow at the end of the day.

What is not included … 

 Extra excursions

 Spa treatments

 Private transportation

 Stay at Habitas resort

 Extra nights stay at the hotel

Your hosts …


My name is Maha, I am the co-founder of Manara, a PlayGround for women to play and nurture their holistic wellbeing in times of change and transition. With a personalized approach, we guide and support women to meet their goals, express agency and achieve overall balance. We offer you a space to explore beyond conventional boundaries, explore fresh perspectives, and approach challenges with creative solutions, all while peeling away the layers of self-consciousness that often hold us back


My name is Maryam, the spiritual storyteller of Makan Alnafs. I have uniquely designed the Flow program to bring you a beautiful holistic journey that works on healing the physical body, emotional body and mental body. My wish for everyone joining is that they leave with clarity, balance and renewed energy to shine in their own light. As a dancer and a writer, I incorporate somatic movement, dance and transformative writing techniques. I engage and activate your senses and energy centers to help you find your authentic alignment and balance. Together, Mnara and Makan are offering you a space of light for your soul. For women to tap into their divine gifts and disconnect from the false matrix with all its negative programming.

All inclusive offers …  

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