Liberation Breathing

Liberation Breathing is a technique developed by the Mother of Rebirthing Sondra Ray. It is a process that increase your ability to recognize and release the negative thoughts that is causing pain, stress and negative patterns and behaviors. This breathing technique allows for a subconscious memories of trauma rise to the surface of the mind to be observed and forgiven. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, you can discover and release these negative thoughts and memories causing you pain and distress. Through the release you experince in the breathing process you will be able to experience higher levels of energy, tranquility, peace, acceptance and forgiveness. Moreover, Since 70% of body toxins and waste are eliminated through breathing, it supports us to breath fully and freely. Liberation Breathing® also raises the blood’s alkaline level This technique is used as spiritual purification and it is not therapy.

What to expect in a session ?

The session starts with consultation where you will discuss what you know about your birth, your childhood, your family patterns, and how they may be affecting your life. All pain and suffering is a result of these “unforgiven”, therefore non neutralized thoughts and memories. You will then lay down to breath. As you breathe out these thoughts, turning them over to Divinity, they are neutralized and rendered harmless. You will then feel liberated from your own past, and notice incredible gratitude & joy in the present. Transmutation of negative thoughts is the main function of Liberation Breathing®. At the end of the session, you may share any thoughts brought up during the breathing. Your will be offered insights and affirmations program to help you change your mind about your life.