Akashic Sound Journey

Community Online Sound Bath

9 July 2024 (Tuesday) 17:00   - 18:00  3+GMT

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Join me in an Akashic Sound Journey, where we connect with the Akashic Records, the realm of our ever expanding consciousness to receive wisdom and guidance. It is the energetic library that contains information about our soul’s journey since inception.  This session is designed to help you receive clarity, to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. Set your intention in terms of what you want clarity on in your life, breath, relax and be open to receive. The sound journey is combined with a channeled meditation which along with the frequencies of the sound will carry you into your own Akashic realm. Be open to alignment with your original blueprint and to receive transformative insights and healing. 

After the sound healing session we will stick around for a 30 minute Q & A.

Get the most out of our time together...

1. Find a comfortable quiet spot where you will not be disturbed (sitting or laying down - your pick!)

2. Get cozy! Grab a blanket, pillow, or eye mask.

3. Have some water available so that you can hydrate after the experience.

4. Headphones for optimal sound.

5. Please note that your experience will also be determined by your internet connection.

6. Turn off notifications on your phone, device, or computer so you may fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Common feedback from Sound Bath experiences include...

Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, a calm mind and increased mental clarity, reduced pain, emotional release and clearing of emotional blockages, relaxation, better sleep, self discovery and transformation, and spiritual connection.